Let’s start today with a bang (and a free gift)

Every Tuesday, sales expert Andy Bounds shares his top tips to improve your sales and communications (you can get more of his advice at www.andyboundsonline.com). This week’s is…

When you think of all your communications – all those conversations, emails, meetings, conference calls, documents…

…how many do you make every day?



And how many of them work first time? With no chasing. No re-works. No hassle?

Well, here’s your free gift – something to help your communications work first time

I’ve recorded a short video explaining the three steps of creating every communication you do. It includes simple examples that have worked for my customers.

And it’s easy to act on. So, listen to it, press ‘pause’ and then use the three steps immediately. With your very next conversation, email, meeting…

You can watch it here: three steps to better communication

Action points

Three easy and obvious ones this week:

  1. Watch the video about improving your comms
  2. Apply it to your next communication
  3. To watch more of these videos, go to: https://andyboundsonline.com/

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