The Baccarat Lounge in association with the prestige champagne house Dom Perignon will be showing its hand this June

Liverpool has a plethora of bars and clubs but for the true VIP experience, The Baccarat Lounge is due to set the standard. Offering luxurious booths in plush intimate surroundings. Guests can expect to be served an unrivalled selection of Champagne, Bottle Serves, Cocktails and Spirits. Some of Dom Perignons Limited Edition bottlings will be available as will a selection of fine spirits. Cocktails will be at the forefront of the lounge offering guests a full sensory experience. For the connoisseur a Hennessey Experience package will also be on offer providing guests with the chance to imbibe the finest cognacs.

The lounge will be reservation only and guests shall be provided with one of the luxury booths which will be serviced by the finest hospitality focused staff to ensure your evening is an outstanding one. Taking its service inspiration from 5* hotels around the world, the team behind the Baccarat lounge says “there is nothing quite like the experience of immersing yourself in true 5* hotel like surroundings. This is unrivalled in Liverpool and the Baccarat Lounge offers the chance of true London style luxury right in the heart of our city”

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