Leeds Highlights The Extraordinary Art of Recycling in New Show…

A fascinating new show at The Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery is delighting visitors with a truly extraordinary showcase of  jewellery, wall hung works and mixed media sculptures made by British makers who reclaim, upcycle and re-invent materials, making them into beautiful contemporary pieces of Art. Some of the makers have focused their attention on found objects from nature, turning the ordinary every day things we might come across and take for granted into extraordinary artefacts. Jane Bevan gathers bark, thorns and twigs on daily walks in local woodlands. Her carefully selected materials are transformed into small sculptures and vessels using traditional techniques of tying, stitching, twinging, coiling and binding.  “I forage in the woods each day to gather material for making my work… however winter if the best time of all for this, the countryside is more open and visible with so much character. Interesting twigs, branches and thorns can be clearly seen and collected so easily. I would highly recommend a forage in the woods to blow away any winter blues or post-Christmas stress!“

Renowned artist Wycliffe Stutchbury showcases a series of striking timber compositions made of tiny pieces of reclaimed fencing panels and Victoria venetian blinds. “Although I strive to apply my own structure to these works through concentration and technical skill, I fail. I make mistakes, my concentration wanders, I change my mind, and I can’t maintain a straight line or a perfect sphere. I find I am being pulled toward an intuitive way of working, like stacking firewood. The finished piece is evidence of fallibility, methodology and is an expression of nature’s fragile and yet robust qualities. The work becomes a study in texture, colour and process led by the nature of the material. The title for each work is provided by the location that the timber is found.  How it has responded to its surroundings and environment is central to the narrative.”

Meanwhile jeweller Tina Alexandra MacLeod creates tactile pieces of jewellery that evoke a sense of place. The concept of the island and the unique atmosphere of the Hebridean coastal woodland are central to her work, capturing an essence of that sensed but unexplained aura often experienced within the forest. By utilising precious metal techniques that produce delicate but deliberate layers of surface texture, she is able to convey a sense of the ephemeral nature of the living landscape.

Designing through making, she works intuitively with natural materials gathered from specific places, and by exploring hollow forms, creates jewellery which represents a connection to place which is realised through the importance of touch.

Above details just some of the amazing works you’ll find on display and for sale at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery until 25th June. Discover more on their website www.craftcentreleeds.co.uk. Be sure to check out our exciting 2016 exhibition programme on our website and follow us via social media to keep up to date with all the latest Craft Centre news.

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