New Year Resolutions for 2016

We asked a few friends what their resolutions for 2016 were. Here are their answers.

Andy Bounds

Three new things.

That’s my New Year’s Resolution. To do three new things.

One of these new things has to improve my family life. One has to improve my business. The third can be anything – as long as it’s (a) new and (b) cool.

I’ve had this “three new things” resolution for 10 years now. That means I’ve done 30 new things (there’s clearly no need for me to waste a resolution on improving my maths ability).

And why do I always have the same resolution?

Because it works.

I love that it causes me to do new things. That keeps things fresh. And I love that there’s only three. Even I can manage that.

I’m not sure what all three of 2016’s are yet. But I know one. We recently bought a toyshop. We thought this would be a fun thing to do as a family (my 6 year old is already advising us on stock levels and cashflow). I look forward to finding out what the other two resolutions end up being…

My obsession with doing new things has helped me achieve all sorts – not least winning an award from Downtown!

Most importantly though: it’s transformed everything for my family. I don’t work Fridays any more (when I started doing this, our turnover went up – I still don’t quite understand why). I never work/travel at the weekend. My children and wife feel happy and loved. And although I crave new things, that’s one thing that’ll never change.

Bill Addy, Liverpool BID

To make more time for walking my dog, I need the exercise and I have committed to a half marathon in May!

Cat Leaver, We ARE AD

I’m no good at curbing habits, so my resolutions tend to be taking up something new. In 2016, I really want to dedicate time to picking up my Spanish again, as it’s majorly rusty at the moment and with a new Spanish team member I’m getting seriously shown up. Necesito practicar más!

Cllr Keith Wakefield

My New Year’s resolution is to do everything possible to ensure an early start for the east link of HS2 starting from Leeds and to make sure that the electrification of the TransPennine does not slip any further.

David Brown, Transport for the North

David’s resolution for 2016 is an ambitious one. As well as driving forward the creation of TfN as a fully representative organisation for the North, David hopes that in 2016, he can achieve a better work–life balance.

David Capper, Westfield Health

David says his 2016 resolution is to fall in love with a new sport!

Doug Ward, co-founded Tech Britain

Keep on with hard work & dedication to the long term plan, listen more & spend more time with family.

Ged Fitzgerald, Liverpool City Council

His 2016 resolution is to visit Anfield South more often.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool

My New Year’s Resolution is to keep to the plan. The last five years have been very tough for Liverpool, but the city is still buzzing. Our economy grew faster than Manchester’s in 2014, we have new businesses, new jobs, new housing all being created across the city and the return of IFB in 2016 will be another highpoint for the world’s business community. My promise is more of the same.

Kate Willard, Head of Corporate Projects Stobart Group, Director KW Ltd, Board member Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, Chair Atlantic Gateway and Chair Thames Gateway South Essex Growth Partnership

New Year’s resolutions for 2016, consider reviving beef herd, spend more time in Havana.

Max Steinberg, Chief Executive of Liverpool Vision

My resolution for 2016 is to deliver a truly world-class International Festival for Business that builds on the success of 2014. It is a global event, planned and delivered in Liverpool, which can become the catalyst for attracting new investment and jobs to Liverpool the City Region and the UK.

Tom Cheesewright, Founder of Book of the Future

Focus. I’m interested in too many things! This year I need to put all my efforts into driving adoption of our tools by marketing agencies and management consultancies around the UK.

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