Have a shave and get a haircut!

What is going on with men’s  styling at the moment? There are a good number of, mostly, middle aged colleague who appear to have decided that the hippy look is the way to go, with a revival of the beard, messy hair and dishevelled clothing being the order of the day.

I get ‘celebrities’ going native in the fashion stakes from time to time as they struggle to stand out from the crowd. But why do businessmen aged 40 plus feel it appropriate to attend business meeting wearing attire that would be far better suited to the V Festival than a corporate event?

I have always preferred to be suited and booted when it come to work, but there are occasions when jacket and jean, or dress down days can be appropriate.  Indeed, Manchester has, for some time, been a city where a more casual look has been common.

However, dressing down and dressing like a beatnik are entirely different things. Don’t expect to see a member of the Downtown team adopting the middle aged crisis look anytime soon. For those of you who have adopted this latest trend, I would simply say to you, have a shave, get your hair cut, and act (and get over) your age.

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