The Honeymoon Period will soon be over

The General Election result on May 7th was a huge surprise to all the experts and commentators – and particularly the pollsters; and the outcome has been met largely with positivity and some relief by the majority of the business community.

Certainty of direction, a Tory government committed to lower tax rates, a devolution agenda that offers genuine opportunity to the big city regions outside of London, and the promise of an enterprise friendly agenda can only be good news for the private sector – but will David Cameron’s honeymoon last beyond this calendar year?

We have already seen him abandon his Manifesto commitment to opt out of the Human Right Act under pressure from his pro civil rights backbenchers. What will he do when his anti EU mob and Europhiles start kicking lumps out of one another in the run up to the in/out EU referendum? And what will the fallout within the Conservative party be post that referendum, whatever the result?

The idea that David Cameron, with a majority of just a dozen, can breeze through his last five years as Prime Minister and smoothly hand over the reins of power to Boris, Teresa, George or an as yet unknown rising star is as fanciful as the suggestion that Sepp Blatter is the right man to clean up FIFA.

Dave will have an increasing number of challenges to face down the nearer he comes to his farewell tour, and if mid-term blues see the usual crushing of Tory councils, the Conservatives perform poorly in the European elections (assuming we are still in the EU) and the Scottish Nationalists continue to seriously threaten the Union, then there is no guarantee that the men in grey suits from the 1922 committee won’t be knocking on Cameron’s door long before he is planning to bring down his final curtain.

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