Downtown: Pioneers of Influence

At Downtown we use the word “Influence” a lot, and others use it about us and, on our behalf. The media have used the word recently, often to the point of overkill during the run up to the election, speculating on how each political party has swayed the voting public. The unexpected outcome of a Tory majority suggests that influence is complex to measure, and means very different things to different people.

The result of the election got me thinking about the diverse degrees of influence, and I guess, how easily influenced individuals can be, including myself. Over the years, there are certain compelling forces that have swayed my behaviour, my actions, and definitely my opinions. In the early years it was obviously parents, family, teachers and friends. Most refer to the early years as formative years, but I’m not so sure. Year on year, I have never stopped being influenced by other people, some younger, some older, some wiser, some not so. Now there is a call to action from all of us.

During my 8 years at Downtown, I have met many people who are ambitious, forward thinking, resolute, and all with one thing in common, they don’t live in the past. Today, more than ever, these are the people (you), who can use your influence to steer the future on the North

We now have an historic opportunity to influence how the North competes with the South. Even combined, the economy of the core cities in the North is still only a fraction of London’s. This is what the Northern Powerhouse must endeavour to change. The influence of many is far greater than the influence of one. I am looking forward to Downtown becoming an effective part of the compelling force that effects this much needed change. Together with the combined influence of our members, their acumen and ambition, we stand a good chance of becoming a real contender.

Long live the North! What part will you play?

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