Tuesday tip: the biggest problem with Tuesday Tips. And a very simple solution to it

This week’s top tip from our Liverpool Business Personality of the Year

Every Tuesday, sales expert Andy Bounds shares his top tips to improve your sales and communications (you can get more of his advice at www.andyboundsonline.com). This week’s is…

Do you know the biggest problem with Tuesday Tips?

It’s the size of it.

Every week, literally thousands of you receive them. This makes it pretty hard (ok, impossible) to write something that’s relevant to every single person, every single week.

So, here’s a simple solution. I’ve grouped all the previous Tips under common topics. So…

Action point

…this week, you get to choose your tip(s), not me.

Simply click on the link below that’s most useful to you. This will take you to loads of tips to help you in that area:

And, of course, if you want to get a whole day of tips – from me and Drayton Bird – here’s the link

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