Avoid the Proposal Black Abyss of Doom

Proposals are a pivotal part of selling. Good ones win; bad ones don’t.

But they sure aren’t easy to get right. They either:

  • take ages – if you create something entirely new; or
  • aren’t very good – if you just copy last time’s (whether it won or not)

And, even if they’re wonderful, they can still drop into the Black Abyss of Doom. You know the sort of thing – you send it; no reply. You chase it; no reply. You chase again; no reply. You give up.

So here are my tips for writing proposals that:

  • are persuasive
  • don’t take long to write
  • never fall into the Black Abyss of Doom
  • most importantly, win

The tips don’t take long to watch. They don’t take long to do.

And you can see them here: http://andyboundsonline.com/writing-proposals-that-win/

Have a good week,

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