When I review presentations, this is the first thing I check

People regularly send me presentations to review.

Occasionally, they give me loads of time to do this – so I can read, reflect and then give wonderful pearls of cutting-edge advice.

Usually, of course, they give me no time whatsoever: ‘Andy, I know it’s late notice. But can you tell me how to improve these slides? I’m presenting them in an hour.’

And so I go straight to the one thing that will have the biggest impact. The one thing that, if it’s good, means the presentation should work. And, if it isn’t, means it definitely won’t.

What do you think it is?

  • Content?
  • Visuals?
  • Engaging start?
  • Clear structure?
  • Captivating headings?
  • Variety?
  • Humour?
  • Interactivity?

They’re all important.

But they aren’t the most important thing.

This is: http://andyboundsonline.com/the-1-thing-with-presentations/

Have a good week,

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