Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future

In 2014, Downtown achieved substantial growth. We’ve dealt with the growing pains and the infrastructure change that comes with expansion, and now we are fighting fit for the 12 months ahead.

Our intention, year on year, is to be more ambitious than the previous year, in order to deliver the expectation, still maintaining the focus on quality over quantity.

Having said this, our proposed events agenda for 2015 has increased across all Downtown regions, all designed to help disseminate the volume of diverse issues, initiatives and innovations that will impact on the business communities as confidence becomes more tangible. There are many conversations to be had, much knowledge to transfer and digest over the coming 12 months, and a few feathers to ruffle (in the right places of course!).

Downtown in Business definitely does what it says on the tin! Our one constant is to support business and economic growth, and in realising our own achievements, we have been able to reinvest in our own development.

We don’t measure our success by the number of staff we have, although our numbers have increased significantly, it’s not about the resource we can throw at the demands of the business, it’s more about the appetite of every team member within the business. Downtown has never been stronger, and appetite is infectious.

Downtown’s success boils down to what we ourselves have banged on about for years now. Engage people who have different skill sets that are relevant to the needs of the business, research what works and do more of it, and, put initiatives in place to ensure that time management is effective.

Without wanting to sound like a scratched record, this year is without doubt our most ambitious yet. The fact that we have said the same thing each year for the past 10 years, highlights the rate at which we have grown, and our understanding of forward planning and achieving realistic and proportionate development and stability.

Being part of the Downtown conversation and engaging with us as part of your own growth plans is a sensible decision. We look forward to working with you in 2015

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